Travel Guide To Pattaya

General Information about Pattaya
Pattaya is a popular beach town in the east of Thailand, only a two-hours’ drive from
It’s considered a favorite of both locals and foreign tourists, who find in it an array of
travel options.
Pattaya can be reached from Bangkok by taking a two-hour taxi drive, and even with
a one-hour ferry cruise from Hua Hin. Pattaya’s central area is called Central Pattaya
and it is divided into three beaches. The main beach is called Pattaya beach, it is
close to the famous Walking Street (a lively and much-visited area) which is also the
area most tourists choose to stay in.
While in the past Pattaya was mostly a destination for sex tourism, today it is very
different. The government has invested a lot of money into changing the city’s image,
and right now Pattaya is considered the number one destination for families.
In Pattaya, you can find a wide variety of Childrens’ activities, shopping, cheap
markets, and hotel options which offer very good value for money. Families with
children, young people who want to party and enjoy the wild nightlife, shopping and
lifestyle enthusiasts, tours around Pattaya’s beaches – anyone and everyone can
find a connection with this vacation spot which only gets better and better.

Locations and Orientation in Pattaya
Before choosing where to stay in Pattaya, it is important to consider that not every
area in the city is recommended.
Pattaya is spread over a large area, which is mostly far from the tourist attractions.
You must take into account that, even of you’re staying in a central area, the ride to
the attractions can take some time.
Tourists who like to mostly spend their time relaxing in the hotel pool can enjoy good
value for money than if they stayed in a central area. But a significant part of the
experience in Pattaya is being close to the beach, to the vibrant nightlife areas,
which will certainly make the vacation in Pattaya more enjoyable.
When it comes to choosing a hotel, Pattaya has a wide variety, and you can select a
hotel according to your own criterions.
Some will want to stay near the nightlife areas, while others will choose to sleep at a
more remote and quiet area.
Luckily, there are plenty of hotels in the center that can meet anyone’s expectations
and requirements.

Walking Street Area, South Pattaya
Walking Street and its surroundings is an area filled with clubs, bars, restaurants and
other nighttime attractions. Most of the night life craziness is centered around
Walking Street, where most tourists flock to at night. If you like to party, staying near
Walking Street is the best option for you.
Central Pattaya Beach
Sun, sea, sand and nightlife.
Central Pattaya beach is the central part of Pattaya beach which stretches along 3
km and is considered another hotspot of nightlife, with nearby roads leading to even
more nightlife options.
Soi 7 and 8 are considered the main nightlife areas.
For many people, central Pattaya is also considered a favorite location for choosing
their hotel.
North Pattaya
The quiet end of Pattaya beach is home to some of the city’s best hotels.
If you like spending your day around the pool in a luxurious resort but still interested
in having easy access to the rest of the city, staying in one of the hotels in north
Pattaya can be a good choice.
You can get to the more vibrant nightlife area by a bus which frequently passes
through north Pattaya.
Central Pattaya
A quiet area with hotels that offer very good value for money.
It is considered one of the city’s less attractive areas and does not have any special
You can find excellent hotels at an average price which provide good value for
Soi Buakhao and Soi LK
This area is especially popular among foreign tourists and people who’re staying
long-term in Pattaya.
The reason for that is the relatively cheaper cost of living and accessibility. The
nightlife scene is vibrant and the hotels are very good and have reasonable prices.
The entire area is packed with a variety of restaurants including Israeli restaurants. If
you’re looking to maintain reasonable expenditure, this is probably the best area for
you to stay.

Jomtien Beach
A serene coastal strip right next to Pattaya.
The beach is much nicer than Pattaya’s beach, and is considered a more relaxed
and friendly place for families than its neighbor Pattaya. It also has a night market.
This large city and its surroundings have much to offer, including a wide variety of
attractions, some of the city’s best restaurants and some endearing and strange
shopping malls. With a relaxed nightlife, a long and beautiful beach, quieter roads
and lovely parks for kids, Jomtien is a favorite choice for families and couples.
Some of the northern areas of this region are known as favorites of the gay
The region is definitely more “authentically Thai” than Pattaya. Some of its main
points of interest include cultural attractions such as the Buddha Mountain, floating
market, and a wide selection of museums and temples.
Staying in Jomtien is usually significantly cheaper than Pattaya, and you can find
many budget-friendly hotels scattered along the coast.
Pattaya’s Main Roads
While staying in Pattaya’s central tourist area, there are two busy roads which will
become familiar to you very shortly.
1. Beach Road, which heads towards the south and is close to the beach and
includes the famous Walking Street.
2. Second Road, which is also parallel to the beach and heads towards Pattaya’s
northern area. It is located behind Beach Road.
The two roads connect the route the songthaews make – blue pickup trucks
functioning as local buses which cost 10 Bhat and make it easier for tourists to travel
and mobilize around town at a low cost.
Unfortunately, the buses’ constant movement add even more traffic to a congested
area, which makes it very difficult for the people of Second Road to cross the street.
Tourists staying in Jomtien will likely spend a lot of time crossing through Patumnak
road which operates from the south to the end of Second Road to Jomtien’s Beach
This road can be very busy during the late afternoon hours (16:00-18:00).
Pattaya’s Songthaew trucks
The huge fleet of songthaew trucks in Pattaya make mobilization in the city
especially useful and convenient.
Cheap, accessible and easy-to-use, Pattaya’s songthaew trucks create an efficient
and effective transportation system for both locals and tourists.

The songthaew trucks are small pickup trucks with seats at the back (up to 10
people per truck) which operate along all of the city’s main streets and tourist areas
in a constant circle. In order to take one, it is not customary to stop and chat with the
driver. You only need to raise your hand so that the driver stops near enough for you
to get on the truck and keep going. When you want to get down, you just click the
buzzer or knock at the window and the driver will stop, so you can get down and then
pay. It is a similar concept to Israel’s service taxis. In case you don’t know whether
the songthaew reaches the place you want, you can always ask other passengers.
There’ll always be someone who speaks English and can help.
The songthaew trucks operate at predetermined routes which usually include Beach
Road, Second Road and Jomtien Beach. In addition to being used as a bus, they
can also function as a private taxi.
You can always stop an empty songthaew and ask the driver if he can take you to a
specific location or even accompany you throughout the day.
Don’t forget to always barter while keeping a smile on your face ��.

Transportation and Getting Around in Pattaya
Most of Pattaya’s beach hotels, nightclubs, bars and shopping centers are spread
along a few kilometers, so that it is definitely possible to walk around.
In addition, transportation is so cheap in Pattaya that tourists can easily travel
around the city and its surroundings. Below, we detail Pattaya’s various
transportation methods.
Songthaew Truck
As already mentioned, the trucks cost a ridiculous 10 Bhat per person. There’s no
cheaper way to get around in Pattaya. Travelling around Pattaya with songthaew
trucks is considered the most popular and convenient way for visiting Central
Pattaya as well as Jomtien and Naklua beaches.
Taxi Bike
Pattaya is packed with taxi bikes which can be recognized easily by the drivers’
bright, glowing vests. You can find them wandering around the streets, gathered in
corners talking and playing checkers. The rates are usually between 30 and 40 Bhat
for travelling inside Pattaya.
Taxi bikes are considered a quick and convenient way to get around Pattaya.
They might be more expensive than songthaew trucks, but they can move quickly
through the city center’s slow and congested traffic.
Grab Taxi Application
Garb taxi app enables you to order a taxi from your location in Pattaya to any other
place in Pattaya.

It is very easy and convenient to use, it is safe and it works perfectly. The application
tells you the ride’s approximate cost and the driver arrives within a few minutes.
Additionally, the app is great for comparing the prices you get from regular taxi
drivers and private songthaew drivers.
Renting a Minibike in Pattaya
If you do it the right way, renting a minibike in Pattaya can be the best and least
costly way to get around the city, especially if you’re planning on staying there for an
extended period of time. Prices for renting minibikes range between 150-200 Bhat
per day for normal minibikes and between 500-2500 for heavy motorcycles.
A driver’s license in mandatory! And so is a helmet! Pattaya is dotted with many
police barricades which stalk tourists in order to hand out fines.
Taxi Meter Cabs
Taxi meters usually stand outside shopping malls and other strategic places around
Pattaya. The ironical thing is that they normally refuse to open the meter. So if you’re
going to use a taxi meter to get from point A to point B, make sure you get a good

Nightlife in Pattaya
Pattaya has a number of central areas with a large concentration of nightclubs, bars,
go-go clubs, live performances and many other nighttime pleasures.
Below, we’ll review the six main areas so that each person can choose the place he
likes best.
Walking Street
Pattaya is infamous for its vibrant nightlife whose center is the famous Walking
Walking Street is a small part of Beach Road which is blocked for cars from 18:00
PM until the early morning, in order to allow people to walk around freely and check
out go-go bars, nightclubs, restaurants etc. Obviously, along the street you can find
Thai girls with very minimal clothing trying to advertise their bars in order to draw
tourists inside for a drink or two.
Once you get to Walking Street, you’ll not be able to miss the bright neon signs
hanging everywhere attempting to catch the customer’s attention, hundreds of bars
with girls telling you to go in, and loud music blasting form the clubs’ walls, which
make strolling in Walking Street a special and surrealistic experience.
There are dozens of go-go clubs on Walking Street and its surrounding alleys such
as Soi Diamond and Soi Happy. There are regular bars for drinking beer which are
usually grouped together in a large enclosure housing all the drinking bars under one

It is safe to say that you’ll not have any problems finding a place to stop and have a
beer in on Walking Street.
It is recommended to go out to bars after 10:00 PM and to clubs from around
midnight, there’s not much to do there before that.
The good thing about Pattaya’s nightlife is that when most bars close, there’re still
clubs that’re open until the early morning.
Be very wary of “nice salespersons” standing on Walking Street trying to sell you
ping-pong shows and showing you a drinks’ menu outside.
In case you go in for a drink, it may happen that when you get up to leave, you’ll
receive an excessive bill that you’ll have no option but to pay.
Additionally, you may encounter all kinds of people trying to sell you all kinds of stuff
you don’t want or need. It is fine to politely ignore them and carry on. Walking Street
is considered a central hub of Pattaya’s nightlife, and it is home to some of
Thailand’s best go-go clubs. It is not for nothing that it became a tourist attraction as
you can find in it fantastic restaurants with all kinds of food, places with live
performances, and of course people who’re “just looking”. It is very common to see
groups of tourists taking a guided tour of Walking Street.
In conclusion, if you’re looking for a crazy night in Pattaya you cannot miss out on a
night in Walking Street.
LK Metro
Until recently, LK Metro was a quiet and sleepy street with cheap guesthouses,
several bars, restaurants and old shops. But during the last few years, the old shops
and most guesthouses have been replaced by a large number of go-go clubs and
drinking bars.
Today, it is considered one of Pattaya’s main go-go bars areas.
Some say that LK Metro will soon become the new Walking Street.
LK Metro is closed for vehicles during the late evening, just like Walking Street, and
is then quickly filled with adrenaline seekers looking to frequent the street’s go-go
clubs and bars.
The alcohol flows in insane amounts, and you can always find some delicious food
stalls to take care of your munchies.
Some tourists claim that the bar quality of Walking Street is better, we’ll leave it for
you to be the judge of that.
What’s certain is that every night the place is packed with tourists so that it is clear
that they’re doing something right.
LK Metro is situated at a favorable location near Soi Buakhao and Soi Diana at the
heart of Central Pattaya.

It is easily accessed from most hotels and is used as a great meeting point to start
off the evening.
Soi 6
Soi 6 has played a big role in Pattaya’s strange reputation. While Walking Street is
well-known for its go-go bars, Soi 6 is the home of bars which operate during the day
and offers enjoyment and adult recreational services from 1 PM until the late hours
of the night.
There are dozens of bars spread along the street filled with Thai girls waiting for
customers, who can easily surprise first-time tourists by pulling them by the hand
and forcing them into a bar.
Soi 6 is not for innocent tourists who just want to have a look.
Each tourist on Soi 6 receives special attention from girls along the street. In case
you’re overwhelmed by the commotion, go into one of the bars and buy a drink for
one of the girls so that you can relax and take a look around.
To summarize, Soi 6 is not for people looking for a normal place to drink and party,
it’s for people looking for more than that…
Soi 7
Soi 7 is a fun and lively street worth visiting. It has many bars, massage shops,
restaurants and hotels. It is quiet and reserved during the day, but at night the bars
open and the craziness begins. In the middle of Soi 7 you’ll find some of Pattaya’s
huge drinking complexes which gather dozens of small bars under one rooftop.
Soi 7 extends from Beach Road and into Second Road, and is right nearby our next
nighttime destination, Soi 8.
Soi 8
Soi 8 is another street who likes to sleep during the day and wake up in the night for
a big celebration. On Soi 8, you can find all the usual things you normally find on any
street in Pattaya – places to eat, hotels and guesthouses, massage shops and, of
course, plenty of bars filled with alcohol, music and girls that provide a happy and
festive atmosphere.
Soi 8, like its brother Soi 7, also extends from Beach Road and into Second Road.
Soi Buakhao
Soi Buakhao has become a very popular nightlife area during the last few years, with
more and more businesses and establishments are getting further and further away
from beach Road and Walking Street.
Since Soi Buakhao is a very very long street beginning in south Pattaya and
reaching all the way to Central Pattaya road, trying to categorize it as a single entity
is probably too broad.

While there’s a wide selection of bars and restaurants all along the way, we’ll focus
on the area beginning from about Soi Diana to Soi 21. It’s a great place for Pattaya’s
nightlife! Not only on Soi Buakhao but also on the streets parallel to it, such as Soi
Honey, Soi Diana, Soi Lengkee and more.
If you choose staying in this area of Pattaya, you should know that it is lively,
crowded, and has bars and restaurants everywhere. It is considered a central place
accessible from all parts of the city. And is a staple of Pattaya’s nightlife.
Nightclubs, Discotheques and Dance Clubs
Whether you’re looking to meet local girls, show your best moves on the dance floor
or just enjoy the music and atmosphere that Pattaya’s nightclubs can provide, you
better go out and have a taste of the clubs Pattaya has to offer.
Pattaya’s nightclubs give you a chance to meet a local girl that’s not a “working girl”,
even though you can find a lot of those in clubs also.
Pattaya’s best nightclubs are all located on Walking Street, with the most famous
ones being: Insomnia, 808, Lucifer, and Mixx.
Normally, entrance to the clubs is free, and their activities start at midnight and go on
until the early morning.
While nothing compares to the number and quality of Bangkok’s skybars, some
skybars in Pattaya are well worth a visit. They’re known as nice places to relax and
watch the sunset with a cocktail.
Horizon bar in Hilton hotel is the best skybar in Pattaya. There you can catch a great
view of the ocean, with many seats available to provide an enjoyable experience.
It is recommended to dress well, as the place is considered very respectable.
An additional recommendation is the skybar in Siam hotel, which offers a panoramic
view of Pattaya. With a drinks’ bar and a pool, it is a cool place to chill with some
Live Performances
Do you enjoy live music? There are many places for that in Pattaya, with the most
common ones being on Walking Street. However, there are many small bars all
around Pattaya with their own band playing on certain days.
The performances can be a hit or a disappointment, it depends on your luck.
Most bands are local bands trying to sing in English as best as they can.
Sometimes it can be funny and amusing, at other times it can be nice and pleasant,
and at yet other times it can be depressing and pointless.
If you’re lucky, you might catch an evening when a western band travelling in Pattaya
has come to play a few songs here and there.

You can find music and live performances on Walking Street. You got Hot Tuna who
have many shows and it is usually very nice there in the evening. In addition, there’s
Rolling Live 2 and The Stones House, among several others.
Shopping Malls in Pattaya
Terminal 21
Terminal 21 is the newest mall in Pattaya.
Inside the mall is a vast variety of brand shops, restaurants, coffee shops, clothing
stores, shoe stores etc.
The mall is similar in design to Terminal 21 in Bangkok, with each floor characterized
by a different style with special statues.
The mall also has a plane you can take a photo with.
The mall is very beautiful and impressive and it is necessary to devote at least half a
day to it (although we’re sure you’ll spend the whole day there).
The mall is open every day from 11:00 until 23:00.
Adress: N Pattaya Rd, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi 20150 6.
Central Festival
Central Festival Pattaya is one of hundreds of malls of the most well-known chain in
Thailand. Inside the mall you can find brand shops, lighting and electronic products
and much more. The mall also has restaurants, coffee shops, a bowling alley and a
play area for children. If you’re in the mood for a movie, the mall also offers a lovely
movie theatre.
The mall also has all kinds of markets such as: a clothes’ market, souvenir market,
art market and others.
The mall’s design is of a high quality and very modern. The mall is located right on
the beach so that tourists can enjoy the panoramic view of Pattaya bay.
The mall is open every day from 11:00 until 23:00.
Address: Moo 9, Pattaya Road, South Pattaya 333/99
Royal Garden Plaza
Royal Garden Plaza is also called “the airplane mall” because of the plane in front of
the mall’s entrance. Inside the mall you can find sports’ shops, clothing stores, bags,
scarves, souvenirs etc. a family with children can enjoy several attractions such as: a
mirror labyrinth, laser games, a wax museum and several other attractions and
Within the mall you can also enjoy several restaurants and coffee shops.
The mall is open every day from 11:00-23:00.

Address: Beach Rd, Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chonburi
218 20150.
Mike Shopping Mall
Mike Shopping Mall is very similar to the famous MBK Mall in Bangkok, being also a
market-like mall with many stalls. You can find a large number of clothing stalls with
fake brands of a high quality, souvenirs, and more.
The enclosure is considered very cheap relative to other places and there’s no
chance you’ll be leaving it empty-handed.
If you want to enjoy a swim in the pool next to an amazing view, head over to the
mall’s rooftop, where you have a view of Pattaya’s beach. The entrance to the pool is
through a small fee.
The mall is open every day from 11:00 until 23:00.
Address: Pattayasaisong Rd, Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat,
Chonburi 20150.
Pattaya Avenue
Pattaya avenue is a large enclosure for spending an evening. In it you can find
quality restaurants, bars, a bowling alley and even a movie theatre.
Within the enclosure are several clothing stores, cosmetic shops, electronic products
and brands with many discounts and promotions in stores like Adidas, Reebok etc.
The mall’s design is modern, with statues and special lights that’ll give you a good
atmosphere during the evening.
The mall is open every day from 10:00 to 22:00.
Address: Pattayasaisong Rd, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi 20150.
Factory Outlet Mall Pattaya
Here you can find a variety of brands with insane discounts which can reach 70%!
You can find many brand stores like Adidas, Nike, Crocs, Speedo, Columbia and
even a Golf outlet store.
You can also find here women’s fashion stores and a large selection of bathing suits.
Families with children can enjoy a large children’s clothing shop with prices you don’t
want to miss.
The mall is open every day from 10:00 to 22:00.
Address: Moo 12, Thepprasit Road, on the corner of Sukhumvit Road, Jomtien 666.

Dangers and Things to Watch Out for in Pattaya
Pattaya has a large number of dangers and stings which are constant due to tourists
continually falling for them. We’ve listed the most common stings for you to watch
out for.
1. Jet skis – an infamous and well-known sting which can happen anywhere there’s
a beach in Thailand. You rent a jet ski and happily go out on a ride, and when you
get back to the shore, you’ll be surprised to find that the same friendly faces who
rented you the jet ski are now trying to extract extra money from you by claiming that
you caused damage and scratches to the jet ski (which never happened). In case
you refuse to pay, the situation can become very unpleasant. In order to avoid this,
you must only rent a jet ski from a recommended and reliable company which holds
full jet ski insurance.
2. Ping-pong show – usually found on Walking Street, you should be wary of these
shows. Someone on the street will offer you to come in and watch a free/cheap ping-
pong show, but once you enter the place, you’ll have to order drinks, and when its
time to pay you’ll get a bill of a few thousand Bhat. If you don’t pay, they might turn
violent and leave you no choice.
3. Lady Boys – do not fight with them and be very careful when around them. In case
they say something or touch you, simply walk away without making any faces or
impolite gestures.

Israeli Representation in Pattaya
Centara Avenue Hotel – a kosher hotel with Israeli management holding
Shabbat dinners
Address: Moo. 9, Nongprue Sub-District, Bang Lamung District, Pattaya 20150
Telephone: +66(0) 3872 3900
Fax: +66(0) 3872 3500
Email: [email protected]
Updates regarding prayer and meal time can be viewed on the hotel’s Facebook
page –

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